The Furry Scurry

Washington Park

May 7, 2005

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Leah and I have always supported the Denver Dumb Friends League. We've adopted all our cats from DDFL, so it was only fitting that we show our support for their annual Furry Scurry at Washington Park. It's a 5K run with pets in tow, around the pond. Each year the crowds get bigger and bigger, which means more dogs!

I must admit that I have a weakness for dogs dressed up in little outfits. There's just something about seeing a dog wearing clothes that cracks me up! With digital camera in hand, Leah, Jona, and I attended this year's Furry Scurry, vowing to find the cutest doggie outfits. We met Douglas the Bassett Hound, whose fishing hat complimented his deameanor, Chihuahuas in sunglasses, Bulldogs in tutus, and purple furry critters. There were lots of colorful chararacters to be found! We hope you enjoy this collection of our favorite photos from the Furry Scurry.

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