Please allow this brief rant:

Joel's Mole Hole was my first experiment with website design using Netscape Composer. I had taken a class through my school district, and was eager to start creating tables, format text, and share photos. I've left the site pretty much how I first created it, in the hopes that you will be able to notice a difference in design and navigation between Joel's Mole Hole and Using Dreamweaver has enabled me to design sites that are much easier to navigate and control. I've also left the site alone because I don't want to have anything to do with Qwest!!

Joel's Mole Hole was, and still is, hosted by Qwest Communications. I had a high-speed DSL account with them for a few months in 2000. That was over 2 years ago! I wound up canceling my account because of the incredible amount of run-around I was subjected to. Oh, and I also wound up having to pay extra costs because I had a Macintosh Computer. Apparently, Qwest felt owning an iMac was a problem. It's Operating System discrimination!!

I had to pay for a modem while Windows users were given one for free. I also had to pay for the extra cables in order to connect my DSL line. Once again, Windows users did not. When I attempted to call Qwest for technical support, I was put on hold for long periods of time, only to be told that I needed to speak with a different department. If I'd please HOLD (again!), they'd connect me.

Finally, I had enough when my Qwest/Cisco modem zapped out during a thunderstorm, and I was told to send it back for repairs. That would take two weeks,and all the while Qwest would still have to charge my account for DSL service that I wasn't even getting! I canceled my account, sent everything back to Qwest, and was forced to spend hours on the phone to officially rid myself of the Qwest burden!

It's funny that when it comes to OPENING a high-speed Internet account, a customer service rep picks up the phone right away. Not only that, but they can take your credit card information and get your account up and running in no time at all! But when it comes to CLOSING an account, and be faced with giving a customer refund, it takes a LOT longer! Not only did I need a special "case number", but I also needed to submit everything in writing to make it official. Then, and only then, did I begin to get monthly credits to my account.

Needless to say, Qwest is the target of this little rant. It gives me great satisfaction to hear news that Qwest is now under investigation for criminal practices, ala Enron and Worlcom.

But there is a bright side to this story. You see, even though I no longer have a Qwest account, for some reason Joel's Mole Hole still exists on their server! That means that YOU, kind reader, are able to view this website complements of Qwest Communications! I'm sure that someday they will find out about this little error, and eventually Joel's Mole Hole will no longer be around. So enjoy it while you can, and for the time being, we'll keep this little secret between us, okay? Thanks!


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