Asking Good Questions
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Welcome! This Web site is meant to support the use of the Classroom Performance System (CPS). CPS is an innovative technology that allows users to pose multiple choice questions to an audience and obtain immediate feedback and results. This product is available from eInstruction .

Although this Web site was designed to be used with CPS, it can also be used to create good questions for any situation. The resources provided in the Lesson Plan section will assist teachers in creating online surveys and multiple choice tests that aim at assessing higher level thinking skills.

These are the main philosophies behind CPS:

  1. Engage everyone, embarrass no one
  2. Enhance learning through interaction, feedback, and competition
  3. Receive real-time results on standards-based tests
  4. Immediately grade objective tests, quizzes, and homework

Not only does CPS assess objective tests, but it can also be used a valuable assessment tool to learn about your students. This Web site is dedicated to getting the most out of CPS, and your students, by learning how to ask good questions.

View the LESSON PLAN to see an overview of expectations and objectives.


Created: July 6, 2004
Last Update: February 26, 2009