"If a child can't learn the way we teach,
maybe we should teach
the way they learn."
~ Ignacio Estrada


Below are supporting documents for various workshops that I've conducted at TIE and for teachers in Cherry Creek Schools. Most were given as handouts, but some are links to other resources.

Guide to the "4 C's" of 21st Century Skills: Preparing students for a global society
Mojang-The Story of Minecraft: Learn the history of this amazing game!
My YouTube Channel:
Examples of Minecraft projects we've done at Village East
Minecraft "Short and Sweet" Video: Learn the basics of playing Minecraft
Minecraft EDU Resources: From the Official Minecraft EDU Page
Minecraft Teachers: Google Group of Teachers using Minecraft EDU
Minecraft EDU World Library: Download and use worlds for use in the classroom
Diamond Boots: Minecraft recipe and resource guide
Massively @Jokaydia: For kids aged 4-16 who are interested in developing digital media skills, exploring their creativity and developing online social skills by playing games!

Tuesday Class: Jamestown Video | Jamestown Images
Wednesday Class: Custom NPC Tutorial (YouTube) | Custom NPC Dialogue (PDF)
Thursday Class: ComputerCraft EDU Video

Minecraft Reflection Form

Google Docs
CCSD Google Apps Login Page
Google Apps Help Page
Google Docs Video Tutorial
Google Form: Feedback
CIS Homework Link

Jazz It Up with SMART Board
CCSD Lesson Outline for Notebook (.gallery)
Thinking Maps Templates (.notebook)
*Thank you, Greg Torrance, for creating these TM templates
SMART Resources (.doc)
SMART Exchange Lesson Resources
Marzano Keynote: "Technology and Student Achievement"
My SMART Board Links

21st Century Educator
2014 Horizon Report for K-12
CIS Class WallWisher (use to respond to Horizon Report)
CIS Resource Wallwisher
Essential Tools for the Connected Teacher
Class of Web 2.0 Tools
Professional Development with Web 2.0 Tools
CCSD Blog Request Form

Digital Photography
PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt)
Camera Icons (.pdf)
Aperture & Shutter Speed (.pdf)
Digital Photography Ideas (.doc)
iPhoto Notes (.doc)

Top 5 Free Photo Sharing Sites

Google Earth
Getting Started with Google Earth
Google Earth User's Guide
Google Earth for Educators
Alex's Google Earth Links
Google Earth Notes (.doc)
Google Earth Ideas (.doc)
Teaching with Google Earth (.doc)
Google Earth and 5 Themes of Geography (.doc)
African Animals.kmz
*Thank you, Alex Droege, for sharing your resources

It's a ComicLife
ComicLife Basics (.doc)
ComicLife Hints (.pdf)
How to Use ComicLife in the Classroom
ComicLife Presentation (.ppt)
ComicLife Pictures (.zip)
HTML Export Example
CIS Homework Link

Asking Good Questions with CPS
PowerPoint: CPS (.ppt)
Types of Assessment (.pdf)
Formative Evaluations (.pdf)
CPS User's Guide (.pdf)
Asking Questions Website
eInstruction Download Page
CIS Homework Link

PowerPoint: More Than Just Slide Shows
Non-Linear Presentation (.ppt)
Non-Linear Presentation Note Sheet(.pdf)
Jeopardy Template
Other Power Point Jeopardy Templates Available Online

iTunes 101
Amazon MP3 Music Downloads
Podcasting Tips for Teachers
Apple's Tips for Podcasting Fans
Radio Willow Web
Legal Music for Projects
My Delicious Library Link

Introduction to Wikis
CIS Class Wiki
Wikis Step-by-Step Guide (.doc)

Web 2.0: Making the Read/Write Web Work for YOU
del.icio.us how-to (.doc)
Web 2.0 Wiki Site


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