Hy’s 80th Birthday Celebration

To help Hy celebrate this milestone, the sons organized a “singing telegram” to pay a surprise visit during dad’s party in Boulder. I composed a poem to be read during the festivities, and the sons each shared some memories of Dad.

You’ve finally turned 80
Which is no small task
Though younger than your lady
She might still kick your ass

A Jewish boy from Philly
Grew up to be a ‘mensch’
You’re not yet over-the-hilly
Although you’ve lost some sense

We hope you like this rhyme
Sent by your three boys
You’ve had a grand ol’ lifetime
Filled with lots of OY’s!

So listen to this primate
He knows just what to do
Like multiplying 10 times 8
As we wish a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!”

Other comments from Mark and Bob.

From brother Mark:
These are the jokes I remember, and other quotes that spring to mind:
"I’ll take ‘em, I’ll take ‘em"
"I don’t have the right tools, so we’ll have to improvise."
"We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it."
"Your mother is my hobby."
"You talk, I’ll listen."
"You boys don’t know how good you have it."
singing "Give Peace a Chance" while chopping tiny pieces of herring salad

From Brother Bob
– When someone says "Hi, Hy" he says "Hello, hello"
Dad’s Favorite Poems:
Jack and Jill went up the hill
Each with a dollar and a quarter
Jill came down with two and a half
Think they went up for water?

Said the little red rooster to the little red hen,
You ain’t laid an egg since the Lord knows when!
Said the little red hen to the little red rooster,
You don’t come around as much as you uset’er

(sings) Oh, you’ll never get to heaven
On the Frankfurt El
Cause the Frankfurt El
Goes straight to Frankfurt
I ain’t gonna grieve my Lord no more.